Friday, September 25, 2009

LHS 2009 Reunion: The Blog!

I apologize for taking so very long to get this up. I will be very honest…part of me did not want to write anything since writing a wrap up on something is a very real way of saying that it is over and I wish that awesome weekend could have gone on much longer. For those of you who went to LHS and did not get to attend, it was honestly a blast and was well worth the trip. Getting a chance to catch up with so many old friends after so long, even though it seemed like it had only been a few months with how everyone jumped right in, was phenomenal. Ever since high school ended, I always thought put of our unique and special experience as being a product of our unique and special surroundings we all lived in while in England. Seeing everyone again made me realize that it wasn’t the unique or special surroundings that made what we had so amazing…it was, in fact, the people that gave us this near perfect upbringing.

After hopping the Atlantic for college, especially for me being in Texas, I have come to feel sorry for so many people that I talk to who had graduating classes bigger than our entire school since they did not get to experience the sheer awesomeness of honestly saying that they know everyone in their grade or, in some case, know just about everyone in their school. This also helped to make Lakenheath so unique and was proven by the fact that we had a reunion that covered several years, but that would not have been apparent to an outsider looking in on our weekend since everyone moved from place to place together. Sure, people may have hovered to the former Lancers that they knew a bit better or hung out with a bit more back in Lakenheath, but we didn’t all run off our separate ways either.

Now, I know that there are a lot of awesome things that I might not be thinking of or that I might have flat out missed, so please feel free to add anything that you think I missed by commenting on this long and overdue post. Without further ado, I give you the LHS Reunion 2009 Superlatives:

Most likely to be eating – Eugene Frier

Most likely to be running the country in 10 years max – Chris Henderson

Most likely to fly for the Air Force while drunk – Jeff Greensfelder

Most likely to do homework while at the pool of her High School reunion – Andrea Perkins

Most likely to come up big when his back seems to be against the wall – Alex Robinson

Most likely to be called an idiot more than everyone else – Stephan Lasher

Most likely to master the Ying and Yang leg lock – Eliseo Lopez

Most likely to be angry – Monique Lomax-Csqwioeuhsdjf

Most likely to bring military gear to a banquet – Adam Steele

Most likely to open a nightclub one day – Chris Hale

Most likely to have an awesome husband – Valerie Clinger-Hansen

Most likely to appear out of nowhere – Stanley Holder

Most likely to kidnap someone – Melissa Schonder

Most likely to rob a bank using nothing but his brute strength – Mark Howder

Most likely to get drunk before boarding the plane to DC – Umair Zia

Most likely to coordinate taxi services – Aaron Shepley

Most likely to roll 50 deep – Tony Ledwell

Most likely to choke a bitch – Kelly De Meis

Most likely to not appear pregnant while being looked at head on – Tasha Hostetler

Most likely to actually be a small forward for the New York Knicks – Terrance McBurnie

Most likely to get lost on the way to The Asparagus Joint – Sherina Florence

Anyone have any other superlatives or memories from the reunion to add?


  1. I love how you spelled, or didn't, Monique's last name. Sounds like you guys had a blast, wish I could have been there! Vanessa

  2. This is great! May I add- "Most likely to not grow an inch since high school - Nicole Singh"

  3. Yo, Shep's gonna be Smokes right hand man in the nightclub scene. You know that's how it is gonna go down. Anyway, pretty good blog I guess tellng all the stories would be fun. That would be a long process but still a fun time except for the out of hand stuff, which I wasn't involved in. Yeah, great memories and I can't wait to do it again.