Friday, May 29, 2009

Honeymoon Reflections

So we got back from our honeymoon down in San Antonio yesterday and I thought I would write up a bit about what we did. It was the perfect ending to our wedding week and, although we did not do much of anything while down there, it was a ton of fun spending time with my wife.

Day 1
We stayed at a hotel called the Omni right on the Riverwalk. When we got there, we got a little bit of valet parking (like a boss) and then went up to the room. We opted to go for the more expensive valet parking at the hotel for the first night and then planned to move the car to the parking garage across the street the next day to save a bunch of money. Well, that didn't happen since we totally forgot to move the car (not like a boss), but it was still cool getting the valet treatment after all. After we got settled, we went for a stroll along the riverwalk and ate at a little place called Ritas on the River. Let me tell you, that place was not called "good food on the river" for two reasons. One, it is not nearly as catch as Ritas on the River adn two that would be a lie and they would get sued for false advertising. After that, we walked around a good bit of the riverwalk and then set up our couples massage for the next day. After that, it was back up stairs to read some comics, watch episode 3 and then the last 5 minutes of the playoff game. All in all, pretty awesome day once we got there.

Day 2
We woke up and headed directly over to our massage (50 freakin minutes of bliss). The midget lady who gave me a massage did an awesome job, but I am pretty sure she bruised my shoulder blade as well. After that, we went back to the room for room service (like a boss) for lunch and we watched Slumdog Millionare for the first time. That was a pretty awesome movie and it had me calling everyone a chai wallah for the rest of the trip. After that was done, I started Iron Man while Tracy fell asleep and I soon followed about half way through. After our short nap, we went to Joe'e Crabshack and she got the most awesome margarita I have ever seen (with freaking pop rocks in it). After that, we headed back to the room and I finished Iron Man and we watched the 2nd half of the playoff game while she journaled and read the most recent Buffy trade. After that, we watched Taken and basked in the awesome of Liam Neeson busting peoples asses and then I fell asleep while she finished Buffy.

Day 3
We slept in longer than I have in almost a year (till noon or so) and then went and ate at "The Original Mexican Restaurant." This place had SUPER spicy salsa for a restaurant and the food, like all mexican food seemed down there, was authentic mexican food so it was not as spicy as the Tex Mex we are used to. After that, we went back to the room and watched the second half of Virgin Suicides (why we watched that on our honeymoon, I will never know) and then watched Man U get embarrassed by Barca before taking another nap (that was kind of a theme through our trip). After that, we woke up and watched Oliver Stone's Alexander (which was totally an Oliver Stone movie, but with more ancient sexuality in it) before watching the 2nd half of the playoff game (another theme) while I got to read Buffy. Then we popped in Love Actually and fell asleep watching that together.

Day 4

Woke up around 8:30 with high hopes of getting home early since we missed the puppies and just being at home. Wrapped up all the hotel stuff, got on the road and then proceeded to sit in the worst traffic I have been in since I was a child. Also, I was reminded how "well" Tracy handles traffic. I think I wanted to kill her at some point, but my memory is a little fuzzy. We stopped at Wendy's and grabbed some food since traffic wasn't moving and I saw, for the first time ever, Sweet and Spicy Chicken from Wendys...that was quiet delicious and I must get more of that soon. Got back in the car and was greeted by more of Tracy's road rage-y absolutes, "We're never going to get home," or "We will never get back on the highway." She deals in absolutes a lot more often than i realized. This is making me start to suspect that she is a Sith Lord (Sith Lady?). Got back on the highway and finally (after almost two hours of moving nearly two miles) saw while traffic was so bad.
Apparently closing two or three off/on ramps and closing a lane on a super busy highway slows traffic. Who knew?! Coincidentally, when we stopped to eat, traffic let up about 20 min after getting back on the road (would have been sooner too, but we exited to eat before the closure spam).

That was the trip all in all, it was awesome to get away and do nothing (especially plan a wedding) and I loved how people kept referring to us as Mr. and Mrs. Frier throughout the trip. I had a few more ideas for blogs when I was down there, so expect some more coming soon. For now, I am off to figure out why the hell my new upgraded recruit a friend WoW account is still in trial mode. I have like ten quests to turn in, but I can't since I won't get any experience on my druid :(

The stupid crapping font keeps messing up at the bottom and I can't seem to fix it. Guess I spilled my failcakes all over this entry :(

Live long and prosper

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